New Pebble App, PebblePlus

有高手寫了一個 iPhone App 補足了原本 Pebble App 殘缺的功能。目前可能的名字叫 PebblePlus。計畫在 Cydia 上釋出,也就是說只能用 Jailbroken 的 iPhone。

Currently, the app has 8 different screens:
Status: shows current weather information and iPhone battery status
Calendar: shows next appointment with time/date and location
Bitcoin: shows the current bitcoin exchange rate from motgx (including high/low)
GPS: shows current location (either as lat/lon or street name), altitude or distance travelled, and current speed
Music: starts/stops the regular music playback
Volume: control your iPhone’s volume
Camera: launch the iPhone camera and take a picture
Siri: launch Siri

後記:該 App 在 Cydia 上架後,更名為 SmartWatch+ 售價 3.99 美元。

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